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Learn Spanish

2 Ways of Study

Grupo de estudiantes en biblioteca

Intensive Spanish in Groups

This mode is an effective way of learning Spanish in two ways minimum helped by qualified teachers in Spanish teaching, and with the opportunity to share and interact with other students (groups of 8 to 16 people, divided in levels) during the learning process, making it more dynamic.

Extranjera aprendiendo en clase privada

Private Classes in Spanish

We offer special programs for those who wish to maximize their learning potential while attending the Institute. This modality consists of designing one-to-one, student and a highly capable teacher in Spanish teaching for English speakers, also to reinforce Spanish proficiency in just two weeks.

Course Objectives

That the student leaves the Institute feeling sure of himself and able in the four points focusing the Spanish language. (Effectiveness in writing, reading, comprehension, and the most important: Spanish language communication).

That the student can get familiar with the Mexican culture.

Establish fellowship links with our church in the United States and Canada, in favor of the Latin population attending the church.

3 Study Levels

We offer three levels of Spanish study programs, before attending, the student will be *evaluated online*; this evaluation will determine his level.




What is included?

The Institute offers a two-week Spanish IMMERSION course; during this time the participants attend classes according to the level resulting from the diagnostic evaluation.

Effectiveness, Warmth, and Excellent Location

We offer an effective teaching method that helps learning Spanish and get familiar with the Mexican culture within a comfortable environment, with a friendly treatment, and in an exclusive area in the City of Cuernavaca, only fifteen minutes from downtown.

Transportation from/to the Airport

To guarantee that you arrive on time to your first class, and your trip back home, the Institute’s transport will pick you up at the airport on the first day, and will take you back at the end of the course.

Workshops and Excursions

In order to meet the interests and needs of our students, we have dancing, music, cooking or art workshops, and also there are excursions to interesting, touristic, cultural and historic sites, in and out of the State of Morelos.

Optional Accommodation

For the comfort of our students, we have three types of accommodation:

    Shared rooms.

    Private rooms with shared bathroom.

    Private rooms with private bathroom.

In any case, accommodation service includes three meals per day.


How to pay:

Bank Transfer or Credit/Debit Card.

5 years of Experience

Registry Number 17 CEC11407


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